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A note from the Author...

Higher Probability Commodity Trading is the latest, longest, and the best commodity trading book, I've ever written.  I hope you agree!

As a long-time futures broker, I feel as though I have developed a keen understanding of the risk and rewards of commodity trading. The goal of this book, Higher Probability Commodity Trading, is to Carley Garner options on futures broker smalldistribute a candid, yet optimistic and entertaining, account of the realities involved in futures and options trading.

This particular commodity trading book is intended to build on the educational material I’ve created and published throughout my twelve years as a commodity market professional. The book describes in detail, futures market analysis and commodity trading strategies, along with tips and tricks to employing what readers have learned in the commodity markets.

Higher Probability Commodity Options differs from other trading books on the market in that it is written from a unique perspective; despite having a college education, I didn’t learn about the futures and options markets in a classroom, and I don’t teach from an academic point of view. Instead, as an experienced futures broker I’ve had a front row seat to the “dos and don’ts” of trading.

This futures trading book discusses several alternative market concepts and unconventional views on trading strategies, including commodity option selling, hedging futures positions with options, and utilizing a combination of fundamental, technical, seasonal, and sentiment analysis to gauge market prices.

Carley GarnerUnlike many of the books written on commodity trading, this piece is intended to have some entertainment value as well as an insider’s perspective on the practicality of futures and options trading. For example, for the sake of keeping the reader “wanting more”, several financial quips are located throughout the book. Additionally, proximity to the markets provide me the opportunity to share many risk management and strategy ideas that strictly “academic” books may overlook.  

This is the fourth futures and options trading book I've written, but I also believe it is the best commodity trading book I've written.  This book encompasses commodity trading concepts discussed in my previous efforts, but takes it to the next level by guiding readers through the advantages and disadvantages of each market approach, technical analysis technique, and the peril of relying solely on futures market fundamental analysis.



Carley Garner

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