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Sample Commodity Charts from HPCT

Trend Trading comes with Large Profits, and Large Risks
Trend Trading comes with Large Profits, and Large Risks On the surface, identifying a trend and buying or selling a futures contract in the direction of that trend appears like an easy task. But the truth is, catching the big moves requires accepting excessive risks. Not all traders are built for the ups and downs of trend trading. futures trading trend trading
Futures Day Trading Tips
Futures Day Trading Tips Day traders sometimes forget that quiet overnight futures market action, reduces the reliability of many technical indicators. Thus, counter-trend day traders must be aware of how after-market trade impacts their trading signals. futures day trading technical oscillators
Sell Commodity Options
Sell Commodity Options Option selling involves unlimited risk, and limited reward, but some consider it to be a rather high probability trading strategy in the long run due to an abundance of room for error. commodities commodity options futures option selling option trading short option trading short options
WTI Crude Oil Futures and the U.S. Dollar
WTI Crude Oil Futures and the U.S. Dollar Commodities, particularly crude oil, are tied to the currency markets. A the U.S. dollar moves higher, crude oil futures move lower, and vice versa. Not surprisingly, major highs and lows in each of these markets tend to be congruent with one another. crude oil futures dollar energies
Natural Gas Futures Spread Trading
Natural Gas Futures Spread Trading There is a reason natural gas is known as the widow maker of the commodity markets, it can be fierce. This is particularly true for futures spread traders assuming they are participating in a low risk strategy! commodities futures spreads natural gas spread trading
Countertrend Futures and Options Trading
Countertrend Futures and Options Trading Sometimes doing the exact opposite of what is natural, is the right thing. For instance, selling when prices are moving higher, or buying when they are cheap. Technical oscillators and technical trend lines can help determine countertrend opportunities in the commodity markets. countertrend trading futures trading option trading technical trend lines
Vix Futures and the e-mini S&P 500
Vix Futures and the e-mini S&P 500 The VIX futures contracts sometimes behaves like an option, in that it erodes as time passes. Yet, most assume that a quiet S&P would lead to a sideways VIX; the opposite is true. Volatility declines in a sideways or higher market, it only moves higher when the S&P sells off sharply. e-mini futures financial futures vix futures
Crude Oil Margin Adjustment with Commodity Options
Crude Oil Margin Adjustment with Commodity Options Futures traders can look to long and short commodity options as a means of lowering risk and margin. Trading antagonistic options around a futures contract increases the probability of success. crude oil energy futures option trading trade options
Mean Reversion Futures Trading
Mean Reversion Futures Trading Sometimes bucking the trend, is a higher probability strategy. Commodity markets go through long periods of sideways trade in which extreme prices in both direction reverse sharply. Mean reversion traders attempt to capitalize on this. countertrend trading mean reversion trading strategy
Commitments of Traders Report by CFTC
Commitments of Traders Report by CFTC The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) issues a COT Report weekly depicting how long or short particular groups of traders are in each of the major commodity markets. For instance, speculators are categorized as "large", "small"; their net long or short holdings offer clues into future commodity price movement. commitments of traders report cot report crude oil futures energy futures
Drawing Trend Lines and Channels
Drawing Trend Lines and Channels Technical trend lines are simple, but effective. Perhaps compliments of self-fulfilling prophecy, commodity markets tend to reverse at obvious levels of support and resistance. technical analysis trading channel trend lines wedge pattern
Corn Futures Seasonal Chart
Corn Futures Seasonal Chart Agricultural, financial, energy and precious metals commodities are prone to repetitive price cycles. Although these seasonal patterns are not guaranteed, nor are they precisely predictable, but being aware of them favorably shifts the odds of success. commodity seasonallity seasonal patterns in commodities

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  • I found Carley Garner's latest book, Higher Probability Commodity Trading, a great read for both beginner and advanced commodity traders. She nails the seemingly impossible task of leveling the playing field by imparting vital concepts in easy to digest bites. Carley's book offers readers an abundance of clever trading strategy and risk management techniques in that easy-to-read format, but she doesn't leave out the harsh realities and heartbreak many overzealous speculators face.  If you are Read More
    Jon Najarian co-founder
  • In her book “Higher Probability Commodity Trading”, Carley Garner has written the new ‘bible’ of futures trading. Garner tackles every nuance of commodity trading and does it well; margins, spreads, seasonal patterns, technicals, speculative and commercial players – there isn’t a thing she’s seemed to have left out. And oh yes, she gives real world strategies too – a few which even this old dog is going to keep as new tricks. If you’ve got Read More
    Dan Dicker, Senior contributor and and Author, "Shale Boom, Shale Bust: The Myth of Saudi America"
  • Carley Garner’s book Higher Probability Commodity Trading offers a functional and realistic starting point for trading commodity futures and options.  Her introductions to different types of technical analysis helps to remove some of "mystery" of chart interpretation and in pattern identification.  Often we need to be reminded that trading futures has big advantages but not without some significant risks.  Carley’s book underscores the axiom that being forewarned is being forearmed.  In other words, gather as Read More
    Jim Iuorio - 30-year market veteran and CNBC contributor
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