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Higher Probability Commodity Trading, a comprehensive commodity trading book, begins with a discussion on futures market leverage, and understanding the difference between allocating money to commodities as an investment, or in speculation. From there, this commodity futures and options trading book takes readers on a journey through the basics of futures trading, followed by the advantages and disadvantages of various technical analysis techniques, the truth about fundamental analysis, the seasonality of futures markets, and finally reading the Commitments of Traders Report issued by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.  From there, the book turns into strategy development concepts for commodity traders, including day trading futures, algorithmic trading, futures spread trading, and finally commodity option trading strategies; particularly selling options on futures.  The futures and options trading book concludes with ideas aimed at forcing readers to "think outside of the box" in regard to choosing a commodity market to trade, managing risk, handling margin calls, and choosing a commodity broker.  For a full table of contents, click the icon below. 


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Reviews of Higher Probability Commodity Trading from other Futures Market Professionals

  • I found Carley Garner's latest book, Higher Probability Commodity Trading, a great read for both beginner and advanced commodity traders. She nails the seemingly impossible task of leveling the playing field by imparting vital concepts in easy to digest bites. Carley's book offers readers an abundance of clever trading strategy and risk management techniques in that easy-to-read format, but she doesn't leave out the harsh realities and heartbreak many overzealous speculators face.  If you are Read More
    Jon Najarian co-founder
  • In her book “Higher Probability Commodity Trading”, Carley Garner has written the new ‘bible’ of futures trading. Garner tackles every nuance of commodity trading and does it well; margins, spreads, seasonal patterns, technicals, speculative and commercial players – there isn’t a thing she’s seemed to have left out. And oh yes, she gives real world strategies too – a few which even this old dog is going to keep as new tricks. If you’ve got Read More
    Dan Dicker, Senior contributor and and Author, "Shale Boom, Shale Bust: The Myth of Saudi America"
  • Carley Garner’s book Higher Probability Commodity Trading offers a functional and realistic starting point for trading commodity futures and options.  Her introductions to different types of technical analysis helps to remove some of "mystery" of chart interpretation and in pattern identification.  Often we need to be reminded that trading futures has big advantages but not without some significant risks.  Carley’s book underscores the axiom that being forewarned is being forearmed.  In other words, gather as Read More
    Jim Iuorio - 30-year market veteran and CNBC contributor
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