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If you want to learn to trade commodities, this book is a one-stop-shop of quality information on both futures and options!

Higher Probability Commodity Trading, a comprehensive commodity trading book, begins with a discussion on futures market leverage, and understanding the difference between allocating money to commodities as an investment, or in speculation. From there, this commodity futures and options trading book takes readers on a journey through the basics of futures trading, followed by the advantages and disadvantages of various technical analysis techniques, the truth about fundamental analysis, the seasonality of futures markets, and finally reading the Commitments of Traders Report issued by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.  From there, the book turns into strategy development concepts for commodity traders, including day trading futures, algorithmic trading, futures spread trading, and finally commodity option trading strategies; particularly selling options on futures.  The futures and options trading book concludes with ideas aimed at forcing readers to "think outside of the box" in regard to choosing a commodity market to trade, managing risk, handling margin calls, and choosing a commodity broker.  For a full table of contents, click the icon below. 


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