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More Books
A Comprehensive Guide to Commodity Market Analysis, Strategy Development, and Risk Management.
If you only buy one commodity trading book in your lifetime, this is it!

Commodity market broker, author and analyst, Carley Garner, has followed up her previous efforts with what Phil Flynn, a Fox Business News contributor, is calling her “masterpiece”.  

Her fourth commodity trading book, Higher Probability Commodity Trading (Wyatt-MacKenzie/DeCarley Trading, published July 2016) draws on Garner’s years of experience as a futures and options broker to deliver a comprehensive guide to commodity market speculation.  Dan Dicker, Senior Contributor at refers to this book as “the new bible of futures trading”, and Tobin Smith long-time host of Fox News’ Bulls and Bears described it as “an MBA in trading for the price of a few cups of Starbucks!"

Readers of this book on futures trading will learn to trade commodities

in the following arenas...and more!

Crude Oil Futures

Corn Futures

Gold Futures

Currency Futures

Livestock Futures

Risk Management

  • Covered Calls
  • Synthetic Calls
  • Commodity Collars

This futures trading book discusses several alternative risk management concepts and unconventional views on trading strategies, including commodity option selling, hedging futures positions with long and short options, and utilizing a combination of fundamental, technical, seasonal, and sentiment analysis to gauge market prices.


  • Commodity Strategy Guide
  • Futures Market Analysis
  • Options

Garner has a knack for portraying complex commodity trading concepts, in an easy-to-read and entertaining format. Readers of her latest commodity trading book, Higher Probability Commodity Trading, are sure to walk away with a better understanding of the futures and options market, but more importantly with the benefit of years of market lessons learned without the expensive lessons.

Highlights of what you will learn about futures trading...

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Buy or Sell Options?

Most traders, and commodity trading books, assume the lowest risk trading strategies involve long options. Yet in reality commodity option sellers face better odds of success on any individual trade despite facing unlimited risk of loss. Limited risk isn't necessarily less risk!
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Use Stop Loss Orders?

Stop loss orders are a common method of risk management for futures traders, but in some cases they might do more harm than good. In this particular trading book, alternative risk management techniques, such as buying options as insurance, are discussed.
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Fundamental or Technical?

There is more than one way to analyze a commodity market. Higher Probability Commodity Trading will guide traders through the benefits and downfalls of technical, fundamental, and seasonal analysis. You might be surprised to learn the trend isn't always your friend!
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Manage Margin Calls?

Even conservative traders are bound to find themselves in margin trouble eventually. Contrary to popular belief, it isn't always necessary to liquidate positions or wire money to cover a margin call. Long and short options antagonistic to a position can lower risk and margin.
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Lower Volatility?

Creativity can go a long way in commodity trading. Combinations of antagonistic futures and options positions can create speculative positions with any level of aggression, for traders of any type or size. Options are flexible and versatile tools for futures traders too!

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The author of Higher Probability Commodity Trading, and many other books on futures trading, Carley Garner, is an experienced commodity broker at DeCarley Trading where she writes daily newsletters for her futures brokerage clients covering stock index futures, treasury futures, commodities, and currency futures.

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